Friday, July 29, 2011

Power-One Trumps The Debt Ceiling

Power-One's quarterly earnings release Thursday evening allowed me to relax on Friday. Instead of reading news releases and fretting over what to do next, I went to the movies to see Cowboys and Aliens. My PWER investment continues to make sense.

They posted a good quarter. Revenues continued to grow both year over year and sequentially. Profits were good and also grew. Guidance was basically maintained. The company sees renewed activity in Europe and made good progress in North America, China, and India. Selling prices didn't crater and inventory isn't piling up. I believe it was the most positive solar report this quarter.

The stock rose today in spite of Obama's debt ceiling issues and I believe it will continue to inch upward as thinking returns to the market. Power-One doesn't have the "Chinese accounting" baggage, sells inverters not modules, and has a power solutions side of the business that accounts for 40 percent of the company. Because of the foregoing I'm hopeful that it starts to trade at a premium like FSLR does in the module business. Today PWER is still very cheap on a PEG, P/E, B/V, and cashflow basis. That shouldn't last.

Now if I was just as confident and vindicated on JASO! I've added to PWER and am anxiously awaiting JASO's earnings release and guidance in mid-August.

Cowboys win.

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