Monday, January 30, 2012

Feeling Smart Again

The past several months were void of posts as it is nearly impossible to type when you have assumed the fetal position. Brilliant investment decisions all turned into losers no matter how well thought out. Why write positive pieces about soon to be disasters and feel somewhat responsible for readers losing money? So I laid down the pen and continued to lose money silently.

Thank goodness that has changed and the year finished decently. My brilliant purchases have been looking better. The dividend portion of my portfolio and the options that I write against them allowed a reasonable return and the speculative group is behaving well except for solar which still resembles a rat hole. Oh well, at least I've removed my helmet and now stand erect, my crouching days behind me.

While not screaming bargains, I did add some names during the hiatus. Thermo Electron [TMO], Jones Lang LaSalle [JLL], and Nordic American Tankers [NAT]. The first two are top notch outfits and worthy of holding onto for a long time. NAT is much riskier as it hasn't been earning its dividend, but the balance sheet is solid, at present. It bears close watching, but the dividend is 8 percent and the board of directors has stated they feel comfortable with the payout.

Enough rambling, I need to assemble some shelving in the garage. That project also languished during my fetal period as its also hard to work with hand tools when crouched over in a ball. TaTa.
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