Friday, August 5, 2011

Panic Crept Into My Life Twice Yesterday

Twice yesterday I entered panic mode and hoped no one was watching. Several weeks ago I was ordered to buy some new underwear and I complied by picking up a nicely priced package of Calvin Klein's at Costco. Yesterday, at a public restroom urinal, I found out, after much rummaging, that there wasn't a fly opening in my new underwear. What the hell is that all about?

Later, at home, watching my computer screen, I nearly soiled my new Calvins as I observed sellers pitching stocks in full panic. Nothing new was on the horizon, but they found something to panic about and then the computers kicked in. 500 points down the drain on top of the serial drubbing we've been experiencing. Do these children really think that raising some cash, only to deploy it again in a couple of weeks is of value? I don't.

Debt ceiling, America's bond rating, Europe's problems, anemic economic growth; are any of these topics undiscussed? Soon talk will return of reasonable P/Es, attractive dividend yields, and a growing middle class worldwide; all positive for stocks. I'm pitching my new Calvins, but not my stocks.

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