Friday, July 15, 2011

Gimmee A Break. Do Something

Much hand wringing has gone on trying to solve the nation's debt ceiling authorization. You can't avoid the posturing, political theater, and warnings on the gravity of doing nothing and having the USA default. Well I'd rather face uncertainty than follow in the footsteps of Minnesota's crack team of legislators.

Minnesota's two week government shutdown has been resolved. Minnesota's budget is now balanced. How? Trickery and slight of hand or, should I say, slight of accounting principles. The NYTs reported today "both sides agreed to balance the state's approximately $35 billion budget by finding an added $1.4 billion in revenue through accounting maneuvers, delaying payments to school districts and borrowing money against expected future payments from the tobacco industry." Brilliant!

Expect the same type of shenanigans from Washington. I hope I can continue to peddle fast enough to stay ahead of our legislative idiots and grow net worth while not becoming too cynical. Harder to remain upbeat than to increase wealth.

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