Thursday, April 5, 2012

Robert Mondavi Just Went On Sale

The past several days have been grim market days. No QE3 forthcoming and traders are beside themselves, driving the markets lower. One of the few green arrows during that time span has been Constellation Brands [STZ]. The catalyst for STZ's rise was Goldman's new Buy rating from Neutral. I don't know what specifically convinced Goldman to increase their enthusiasm level, but I'm glad they are on board and am comforted.

This morning STZ reported results that didn't lift Wall Street's spirits even though spirits are their business. They make Robert Mondavi and a host of other wine brands, several well know vodkas and whiskeys, and import Modelo and Corona beer. That mixture didn't produce the intoxicating results that some traders were looking for and the stock is off 13%, about $3. That's as good as finding a coupon in the newspaper that I can take to Publix. So I bought some.

While net was off expectedly from last year, the adjusted eps for the quarter beat analysts guestimates by a ton. Their divestitures and operational changes must be working. However, guidance was less than had been expected and that's the rub. Twenty less cents eps for this year and down you go. But the Company is still calling for eps of about $2 which is a P/E of 10-ish, not a steal, but reasonable. The balance sheet is decent and they are set to buy back stock which may help stabilize the share price.

Constellation isn't a home run at these levels, but I think it will beat the market this year, and so does Goldman. This morning is a good entry point. My middle son arrives for Easter this afternoon and I'm sure the two of us will goose Constellation's revenue. If the rest of the country does likewise I'll get my 20% up swiftly. TaTa.

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