Friday, April 6, 2012

No Officers Are Selling Smart Balance Shares

I'm either wisely patient or stubbornly stupid when my investment in Smart Balance [SMBL] is subject to critique. This past year has seen a nice move upward in stock price, due to operational improvements and the acquisition of Glutino, the leading gluten-free natural foods brand. But will 2012 be another good year or am I facing a return of dead money?

All of the financial metrics indicate continued progress. Market share and retail shelf space improvement should continue that trend. Healthy eating trends seem to be trumping family budget constraints. Okay, Crusty is convincing himself. How do the officers of Smart Balance feel?

Positive! No one has diversified or unconcentrated their net worth. A number of officers purchased shares over the past two years when the share price dipped to the $3-5 range. Hopefully that means they think there is more upside coming, as no one is selling.

Now everyone go out and eat a slice of Glutino gluten-free bread slathered with Smart Balance spread and wash it down with some Smart Balance milk. I can go on forever and I hope ConAgra, Kelloggs, General Mills, and are thinking about it as well.

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