Monday, February 1, 2010

Shameless Plug Time--Buy Men Who Are Making America

Technology is passing me by. Not only has Amazon's Kindle been very successful, the wife is buying one to avoid touching the lousy newsprint newspapers now use, but Apple has announced the debut of their new ITablet. Holding a book in one's hand will soon be reserved for us dinosauers. I hope assimilation takes awhile as I still have inventory in the basement!

Sales have slowed, so it's time to plug Men Who Are Making America again. The economy may be bad, but that isn't the reason my email inbox,, isn't full of orders. The reason is that the books are downstairs and I rarely think about promoting the book. Apple has now reminded me.

So, if you like real books, order Men Who Are Making America by B.C. Forbes. It's a good read and can be put on a bookshelf. Try that with a Kindle. As always, you can send a personal check after you've received the book. Just send an email and tell me the number you want and the mailing address.

Read about the Business Titans that the book covers, and cost, on the leftmost column of this blog as I don't feel like typing it again.

End of shamless plug. Almost. Let's start a crusade: send a check to Haitian relief and
an order to the crustycreditanalyst for Men Who Are Making America. Now I'm done.

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