Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wisdom & Inspiration For Only $17

We all need heros to inspire us. Especially today immersed in negative news of Bernie Madoff, Allen Stanford, John Thain, and hordes of greedy investment, commercial, and mortgage bankers. 

In 1917, B.C. Forbes, founder and publisher of Forbes Magazine, identified 50 business heros for us. To commemorate the start of his magazine, he interviewed the business leaders of the day with the result being Men Who Are Making America. A business classic of over 400 pages can be yours for only $12 plus $5 postage and handling. $17 buys the story and wisdom of DuPont, Morgan, Frick, Vanderbilt and a host of other titans of industry. We could use these leaders today! Return to the era when business built the country, not government.

To obtain your copy of this classic, NEWLY PRINTED, reprint, email me at and let me know the number of books you would like shipped. Send no money. After you receive your book you can remit your personal check. I've never lost money on a classic book buyer and I also save the credit card company's merchant discount charge.

You will learn business history, investing wisdom, and be inspired by those that built our great country. It also makes a good, constructive, present for children and key employees. Order today. Available only through thecrustycreditanalyst.

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