Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Three Quality, Two Really, Companies 20% Off Their Recent Highs Worth Buying

Since their arrival about a week ago, gulls have been using our no wake buoy as a soapbox. There's been a lot of important opinions offered. I have no ability to critique the value of their squawking, but some seem prouder of their messages than the less vocal.

After a long dry spell, Crusty is ready to do some squawking. Here are three companies worth looking at: Jones Lang LaSalle [JLL], Valmont Industries [VMI], and Vulcan Materials [VMC]. All are off their recent highs by about 20% with no terrible news announced. I've added to positions in JLL and VMI. VMC is a new long position for me. My last involvement with Vulcan was on the short side a number of years ago.

None of the three are screaming buys, but they are good companies at decent entry points with JLL and VMI oversold. VMC is finally starting to get some traction and will likely be able to grow revenue and earnings significantly next year. If they don't de-leverage by selling stock too soon, they will be able to really accelerate earnings as their three-legged stool of a business [public/highway, residential, commercial] finally sees demand in all areas.

Valmont has been doing well on all fronts and has positive trends going for it in agriculture, utility grid, and highway construction. The forward P/E is much lower than their historical multiple so not only can they grow earnings, but also should see some P/E expansion without stretching. Also, VMI is an Omaha company so they don't often shoot themselves in the foot. 

JLL is, in my opinion, the best of the commercial real estate brokerage/management companies. They don't take on a lot of risk for their own account [proprietary investments tend to stay in their investment arm for the benefit of customers]. They have a global presence and somewhat predictable revenues. 

The seagull stopped yacking and so should I. 

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