Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm In The House Of Blues

I haven't enjoyed the last several days. Yard work and investment declines put me in a foul mood. More than crusty, foul. Cutting limbs and trimming bushes is bad enough, but watching the Market panic over employment numbers is numbing. That big ape is really starting to shake the tree and investor resolve is waning. So far, I remain resolved but feel low.

Before long the crusty credit analyst may be channeling Blind Lemon Jefferson and the other blues greats. Moaning and howling may be necessary to stand firm until the "market professionals" hear a random statistic that renews their faith and the buying resumes.

Here goes:

My mama ain't left me, but I still feelin low
The cookie jar gettin empty and I gots years to go
Oooow, deep cotton keeps a risin, but I don't own none
I gots stocks and day goin down
I needs a new roof, I gots bills to pay
Oooow, the market man's shakin da tree today
The dog and mama done holdin on to me
But we be staying in the tree
Oooow, I don't wantsa be poor, I just wants a roof
Mama, the dog, and me wants a new roof, woof
Oooow, it never ends.

Big Mama Thorton I'm not, so hang on as the world isn't ending.

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