Monday, April 4, 2011

Today I will Experience Anti-Inflation

The mid-to-late 1960s were a colorful era, to say the least. Dayglo concert posters and strobe lighting symbolize that period of acid rock music. LSD was a mind expanding [per Timothy Leary], intensely color laden experience. I grew the hair, liked the music, but preferred the tamer indulgences.

My Macbook has been treating me to a late in life hallucinogenic show as it slowly dies. I've always been annoyed before as PCs crash and die after a few years. Vastly slowed performance, then a bunch of white numbers, letters, and symbols set against a black backdrop. Then I need to go to the electronics store for a replacement. Not the Mac.

My original Macbook, purchased when they came out in 1996, has been a work horse. It's been dropped twice onto hard flooring and the edges were held together by tape. But it always continued to work perfectly. The cursed colorwheel didn't even spin too often. Truly a good product and well worth the money spent.

But it now seems to be on it's last legs. Each morning it has been putting on a psychedelic light show of flickering, pastel lines. The show is so pretty that I don't even mind the inconvenience. After the performance, it lasts about 5 minutes, the Mac takes a bow and functions admirably the remainder of the day. I thought today might be the overdose as the performance lasted longer than usual, but I'm typing!

If it quits this afternoon, or the next day, I'll experience anti-inflation. We a regularly told that the USA has inflation well in check and the cost of living remains low in spite of galloping food and energy prices. In fact, since those two components are volatile, we should remove them from our core inflation calculation. How can this be? I'm about to actually benefit from anti-inflation and reduce my cost of living.

The Fed tells me that my new Macbook will have much more memory, speed, and features that its predecessor so that equates to a falling price. It won't feel like a lower cost when I write the check, but I will be able to take some solace in knowing that my personal rate of inflation isn't charging upward as it will have been tempered by all of the new Mac features. When I fill my tank I'll know that due to my buying a new computer my gas isn't really impacting me as much as it did at my last fill-up.

I'm rooting for the Macbook to survive even if it means I continue to be ravaged by food and energy costs without my electronics cost of living offset.

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