Friday, November 26, 2010

Life Is Good In Spite Of The Goverment

I've already exercised, we have plenty of turkey for sandwiches, Nebraska football is on the television soon, and the dog is sitting next to me and thinks I'm wonderful. Could it get any better? Yes it could if our government entities would lessen their intrusion into our collective lives and businesses.

After decades of misguided government programs and policies, combined with very poor corporate leadership, we've found ourselves in a debt saturated world. No matter how the politicians, the Fed, the economists, and the opportunists spin their story, there is only one answer to our problem. I've done the research. The capital has been squandered and haircuts must be taken and losses recognized. Further, the losses must stop being assumed by tax payers.

When you invest you take risk. When you're stupid, unlucky, conned, or short on due diligence you are apt to lose some of your capital and you should. That's where discipline is learned and reinforced. Default and failure is necessary if we are to rescue ourselves from our current situation that rewards the risk taker and burdens the taxpayer for other's mistakes.

On the national level the Treasury/Fed is engaged in a weakening of the US Dollar in an attempt to lessen the pain of debt service and improve the ratio of debt to GDP. The alternative is austerity and/or default. I've done the research and they're not going to abandon "business as usual" so rule out austerity, except for tinkering around the edges then declaring victory. They won't default either, but the bond market will demand greater yields before long and that, unfortunately, will be born by all taxpayers again. What they can do to help, and the populace must insist, is to stop bailing out companies, industries, states, and foreign governments. Let the haircuts and losses commence. Investors and owners need to bear the losses from here forward.

Beyond a commitment to quit institutionalizing losses, governments, and the electorate, needs to recognize and believe that the best of all possible worlds are corporations and employees that agree to share the wealth without any capital contribution by the government. A new business agrees to commit the capital, build or lease the facility, fund the inventory, keep the lights on, make the product,pay the employee wages and benefits, AND GIVE THE VARIOUS LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT 50% OF THE PROFIT!!!! Why isn't that encouraged? I've done the research and lower levels of taxation lead to more new businesses, expansions, and hiring.

Since I'm not full of BS, who is? Don't believe their line and hold government's feet to the fire on future bailouts, regulations, and taxation. I am full of turkey.

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