Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Circus Starts Anew Monday

The circus comes to town again tomorrow morning. Possibly this evening if the Asian markets get flustered. Later the Europeans will be celebrating a Greek bailout or stewing over the next candidate and the taxpayer footing the bill for the shiftless. The day's stage may be set by the time the U.S. markets open.

What will we fear or celebrate on Monday?
Greek stalemate? A strong Eurozone plan? Contagion? Volcanic ash clouds disrupting air travel? A gigantic oil slick that can't be contained? American bank exposure to Europe? Goldman Sachs? A slowing Chinese economy? IMF funding of the Euro plan with 40% contribution from the USA? Riots in Greece? Riots in Arizona? The latest, mind numbing statistic?

Will I be happier with my Brunswick short or my new Neutral Tandem position? We'll find out shortly as volatility has returned and markets are being swayed by the concern of the day. It isn't investing, it's speculation and fear that are driving the day to day pricing of the stock market. The actual value of the underlying companies cannot gyrate to the extent their stock prices do. But the prices do gyrate. So wait for a return of sanity, sell into declines, or a little of both.

Who will have control of the bigtop in the morning?

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