Monday, June 22, 2009

Insiders Keep Buying Flowers Foods

I already own a good position, for me, in Flowers Foods and am being tempted to buy more because of continued insider activity. This baker is one of the few companies that is continuing to grow sales and hit earnings targets during this recession. It just isn't an exciting company. But it is a performing company.

The latest purchases were from the CEO and a director. Both for reasonable amounts of money. Other directors and officers have been exercising options, paying the taxes, and keeping the stock. You've got to go back well over a year to see insiders disposing of their holdings. These good ole boys like their company. So do I.

As a steady, growing earner with an attractive dividend, FLO stands a good chance of recovering to its old highs of $30ish. I don't think anything terrible is imminent or insiders wouldn't be buying. I'm happy with my position and, as I said, that position my get larger.

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